Sinfest: sigh

Well at least i know

Yes no prizes for guessing what this post is about.

Yes after months of waiting and rumours, we finally found out on Tuesday the job situation.

Background here: Staff Development are made up of four teams and i work within Social Care & Health. Well it could have been worse but across the whole of Staff Development there will be 13 vacancies ( news today is that it is down to 12 as someone has already jumped ship.

On my grade there are currently 17.5 people, the new structure is 14.5 people and you don't need to be a maths genius to work out that 17.5 does not go equally into 14.5. Atpresent we are looking at 3 redunancies. Timescale wise we are looking at end of June according to HR - more realistic deadline is July/ August unless someone gets their act together. The published timescale is that it wil be June before the process hits my grade. The process as there are too many people for posts will likely be competitive interviews. If everyone is going to be slotted (option if three people jump sip) then it would be an informal development interview to get the right person into the right team.

Trying not to think too much about the future, as i think i'm still in panic mode but at least Doctor Who is on this weekend
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